itSMF India chapter



The Information Technology Service Management Forum (India), or itSMF® India, is a non profit organization affiliated with itSMF® International. It is an established forum for Information Technology professionals to explore all means available to improve the quality of IT services to their respective customers. Although itSMF® India takes strategic direction from itSMF® International, it operates within the Indian IT industry and its objectives are relevant to that context. This not-for-profit organisation is a prominent player in the on-going development and promotion of IT Service Management's "best practice", standards and qualifications since 1991 across countries and is now initiating the same in India.

As businesses depend more and more on technology to promote and deliver their products to the market, Hence, the benefits of adopting "best practice" IT Service Management and of becoming part of the IT Service Management Forum become more and more apparent. The itSMF® provides an accessible network of industry experts, information sources and events to help you and your staff address IT service management issues and help you achieve the delivery of high quality as well as consistent IT service internally and externally through the adoption of "best practice".


Mission Statement

To provide our membership with a forum that will enable them to exchange views, share experiences and participate in the continuous development of best practices and standards, as well as providing a range of services with significant value to our members.



The mission and objectives of itSMF® India will be achieved through the following activities.

  • Keeping members informed about local and international events and trends in ITSM.
  • Organizing regular events to build knowledge and awareness about ITSM and to facilitate contact between ITSM professionals.
  • Setting the events agenda and to ensure that they are complementary rather than competitive with other similar IT industry events.
  • Reviewing any ITSM events worldwide and advertising them in India.
  • Maintaining a membership list to facilitate contact between members.
  • Maintaining a catalog of ITSM products, training and services available in India.
  • Developing and maintaining a set of standards for the application of ITSM as a profession in the Indian IT industry.
  • Providing keynote speakers to IT events as required.