If you are involved in any area of service management or delivery then we highly recommend you should join the itSMF® . Be it at any level from CIO overseeing an ITSM project, Project Manager implementing, Staff changing roles or growing into new ITSM roles.


As businesses depend more and more on technology to promote and deliver their products to a competitive market, the benefits of adopting IT Service Management best practices and of becoming part of the itSMF® becomes far more evident.


The itSMF® is open to all organisations and individuals with a particular interest in IT Service Management.

The forum is ideal for IT professionals, practitioners at all designation levels as well as managers who are responsible for the short and long term business deliverables of the IT.


Our membership is global, and we represent all industry segments, which includes service providers, software suppliers, and leading customers.

Members include IT companies, software developers, service companies and organisations across industries in both the public and private sector. The numbers are over a 1000 worldwide! Approximately 80% are "user" organisations interested in deploying effective, high-quality service management solutions internally, with the remaining 20% suppliers of ITSM products and/or their services. There are no prerequisites or qualifications to become a member of the itSMF® other than having a vested interest in improving the IT service management either within your company or across industry. However, there are qualifications that itSMF® supports and endorses that individuals and organisations can strive to achieve.


The membership types are:

  • Individual Membership: Single named practitioner, Individuals or independent consultants.
  • Corporate Membership: Organizations providing service(s).
  • Vendor Membership: Organizations engaged in the sale of service management products and services.
  • Associate Membership: a slightly different membership, is a special type created for Educational/Certification/Training organizations having specialist contribution in these areas.

Current Members: